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Terms and Conditions of Cooperation:


1. I.J. PALIGA Sp. j. does not modify the files containing digital models sent by the Customers. Therefore, I.J. PALIGA Sp. j. shall not be held liable for any faults in the construction of a digital model sent for printing.

2. Materials used for production of prototype details are specialist materials. The basic physicochemical and performance parameters are presented in each offer. Detailed information included in technical specifications is available upon request.

3. For technical reasons, bigger components may be made in parts which will next be joined in accordance with the joining technology applicable to MJP. This shall be notified to the Customer before printing. Production of joined models shall not be subject to complaint.

4. Upon parcel collection, Customers are required to open the parcel in the presence of a courier and inspect the condition of the received product. Signing confirmation of parcel receipt without inspecting parcel content shall release I.J. PALIGA Sp. j. from any liability for the condition of the delivered goods.

5. Any complaints regarding quality or quantity shall be made in writing. Failure to submit a written complaint upon parcel collection, or within 24 hours of parcel collection, shall be deemed an unconditional product acceptance, hence, the order shall be considered fully performed.