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3D printing

3D printing technology allows us to create prototypes and physical product models on the basis of electronic documentation quickly and precisely. Product manufacturing with the use of this technology allows you to reduce the costs of designing, testing and implementing the products. The use of 3D printing is almost limitless, ranging from industry, through art and culture, to medicine. It allows us to create and develop our future breaking down barriers of perception of the reality.


Multi Jet Printing



The MJP – the technology consists in simultaneous applying photopolymer layer and supporting substance. The photopolymer is hardened with UV light.




   Precision of printing
       - layer thickness 16 μm, 29 μm and 32 μm
       - resolution 750 x 750 DPI

   The operating space
       - 289 x 185 x 203 mm

       - minimal walls thickness 0.2 mm
       - mooth surface
       - movable elements
       - functional and thin-walled models

       - photopolymer




FDM Professional



The FDM – the technology consists in precise application of layers of thermoplastic material and soluble supporting substance.



   Precision of printing
       - layer thickness 0,178 mm and 0,258 mm

   The operating space
       - 203 x 203 x 305 mm

       - high strength
       - coloured printing
       - functional models
      - re-creation of physical-mechanical properties of thermoplastics

       - ABS plus




3D printing - example projects

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