3D printing - injection mold

3D printing become really popular in industry area. Every day there is a new information about situation in which 3D printing method lets to solve some complicated issue. Till now injection mold were used only for mass production. The high cost of creation mold determine to use this method only for huge quantity of elements. 3D printing gives us opportunity to create mold in less then 24h with total cost of creation less event ten times then metal mold. This allow to use injection mold method to create set of 100-1000 element and still be on price reasonable level. The mold are printed on the professional 3D printing machine with layer thickness upto 16um. This gwaratie smooth surfaces and fully detailed object. Average time of creation mold in about 8 - 15h so one day you finish your mold design and next day you will make injections.This is perfect solution to create set of hundereds element of your design.

We offer services of printing molds and creation injections. The customer can choose to print mold and make injections on his own or we can manage hole process of production and prepare ready set of products.

3D printing - universal injection mold

Advantages of mold printed in 3D:

possibility of injection different materials - PP, PE, PA, ABS , etc.

short time of creation mold,

low cost of creation mold,

main rules of designing mold the same as in metal mold

Mold printed in 3D druk 3d uniwersalna forma wtryskowa MJP Multi jet printing mold plastic injection 3d printed mold set of product